Encouraging your children to dream big.

We are not experts in work/life balance. Far from it. Balancing work and our personal lives is difficult.



We are witnessing a generational shift in our attitudes to work. Millennials (those born after 1980) are more likely than their elders to blur the lines between work and home. Some 81% of them think they should set their own work patterns. For some, that might involve virtual meetings (by Skype, for example) rather than real ones, the opportunity to work from home when they want to and, ideally, a no-recrimination clause in their contract that would be activated when they tell their boss to shove it when she asks them to work next Sunday.

What happens To our business over the next few years will be determined by little Emmy. What does she want form her life? Right now that is having fun with her parents. Dream big. 

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