You can write words, or you can take pictures. Welcome to our project of finding old photographs of McLaren Vale and surrounds and retaking them to show how everything looks today. We hope you enjoy!

Taranga as a ruin in the 1990's.
The Olivers Taranga site has been heavily re-vegetated as these photos show. The road has been built up higher forming a large embankment.

McLaren Vale Fruit packers building in 1980. Note the Caltex service station in the far right.
Fruit packers gets a makeover in 1981.
Fruit Packer Building is very similar accept for changes to the windows at the front. Cars have changed and both the trees in the foreground and the petrol station in the background have grown. If you look closely the building has 'strunk'. Part of it has been removed to make the petrol station bigger.

Aerial view of Main South Road Morphett Vale, showing the Emu Hotel centre, left of road, in the early 1950s.
Esplanade Aldinga Beach c.1979.
1970, the original Christian Bible Church chapel seen here at Sea View Chapel Hill. Gladys Stillwell & Peg Dunstan pictured.
Chapel Hill as a modern winery.
With thanks to Andrew Tuck for the pictures from the 1970's and 80's as well as some archive pictures from the State Library of South Australia.

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