"I know he is a king, but she is out of his league."

The McLaren Vale Wine Bushing Festival began in 1973. Its traditions were taken from medieval times when Tavern owners would place ivy bushes above their tavern doors to celebrate the arrival of the new vintage wine, or fresh mead. In the early 1970’s, McLaren Vale’s winemakers incorporated this symbol to 'ring in' the new vintage by hanging olive branches over their cellar doors.

As part of the Festival, the winemaker who achieves the highest points for an entry in the McLaren Vale Wine Show is named Bushing King or Queen.

Early festivals had a decidedly medieval theme with costumed events and such social activities like the 'Swains & Wenches Disco'.

The Bushing festival also featured a parade down the main street of the town.

Through to the 1960s the region struggled and went into decline apart from the Hardys which was on its corporate road to domination of the national wine industry. The local demand switched to cheap sherries and ports and the English export market dried up. Much of the dry table wine was blended to liven up wine from other regions. 

Southern Vales Programme. Note that lots of the  activity takes place around Reynella which is now an urban area. Wineries featured include Trennet's, St Vincent, Dridan and Akeringa.

The turning point came during the 1970's as the Southern Vales were in a good position, both geographically and in terms of the people involved in the local industry, to take advantage of the quality table wine revival of the 1970s.
1983 Poster Design.

Come out 85
The graphics used in the posters reflect the vibrancy of the region in the early to mid 1980's. The Southern Vales were experiencing a renaissance with the development of new wineries and the beginnings of a food culture movement. 
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